Classic Wax Melt Burner

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A Classic Wax Melt Burner design having gold and black as its main colors!
Choose the color you want.


The package contains a metal base (gold or black) and 1 white ceramic bowl.
Available metal base colors: Gold / Black

✦Width: 10cm
✦Height : 10cm
✦Weight: 150gr

*The above dimensions refer to the Wax Melt Burner with the containers installed as shown in the pictures.

Usage Instructions

Place 1-2 wax melts or the quantity you want from the Scoopable Wax Melt in your Wax Melt Burner, light the tealight and wait for the aroma to fill your space from the melted wax.
Use the wax melts until the fragrance dissipates, then remove the wax from the Wax Melt Burner and replace with a new one.

Note: How to remove wax from the Wax Melt Burner?
1. Allow the wax to melt completely, then wipe it away with cotton to absorb it
2. Clean thoroughly
3. Place a new wax melt in the Wax Melt Burner


1. Follow the usage instructions below
2. Place your Wax Melt Burner away from objects that could catch fire
3. Keep your Wax Melt Burner away from flammable materials: Ensure there are no flammable items such as curtains, papers, or plants near the warmer. Keep it away from open windows, fans, or vents
4. Place your Wax Melt Burner in a safe place where children and pets cannot accidentally reach or knock it over

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Classic Wax Melt Burner
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